March Madness

I’m tired and exhausted and quite honestly the word I would use to describe my emotions right now is “bleh”. It’s dead week and I have a presentation tomorrow and honestly this group project has gone to hell, so that might just fail miserably. Fun.

But!! I got into uni today!! And that’s pretty stellar, I think. This was the one school I really wanted to go to and the anticipation/fear/uncertainty throughout the last few months prompted me to wonder if I was the Mary Roach ( of college applicants. Not a fun feeling, friends.But hurray, hurray the wait is over! My life is somewhat more in order now with the whole “what college are you attending” business taken care of (officially committed!).

And this whole university commitment business is awesome, it really is. Yet, there’s still the end of quarter business to be dealt with and I am so. done. So, I’m this sort of hot, conflicted mess with a bunch of emotions, namely: exhaustion, excitement, relief, overwhelmed, supported, and so many more. You have no idea. Well, you probably do. Whoever you are, you’ve been a mess at some point in your life. And (ironic I would start a sentence this way considering the many times I got on my best friend about using this in her college essays, but I digress…), to be honest with you, as far as messy goes, I’m not that messy.

I’m lucky to have a supportive environment of family and friends who keep me (mildly) sane. Yet, I’ve pretty much gone to shit this quarter. I don’t feel like doing anything school-related and I’ve been baking a loooot (I bake when I’m stressed). Senioritis, maybe?

And communications. Ugh. This final presentation is the last thing in the gradebook aside from some small extra credit points and I don’t think it’s going to turn out very well. Reflecting on this though, I’ve been in this position before.Algebra 2 was a hellish excuse for a high school math class, and I managed to pass through that relatively unscathed. Here’s to hoping I don’t die tomorrow?

Some of you are probably in the same boat as me, so, good luck, friends. Here’s to you not dying as well.




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